When it comes to choosing a lipstick you are reflecting your mood, embracing
your personality and owning your style. I own over 20 lipsticks ranging from
vivacious pinks to naked nudes. Waking up to the day with bad skin, bags under
my eyes and feeling like I’ve been hit over the head with my nan’s rolling pin I
wouldn’t feel too compelled to throw on a bright colour and draw attention to
myself. Flip that and I wake up to great hair day, on goes the red and out comes
my confidence.
It is without a shadow of a doubt that my go-to shade of lipstick is red. I would be
hard-pressed to find a shade that didn’t suit me. We just work together like
Marilyn and her famous dress. Many a time do I receive passing comments that
my lipstick looks fabulous and by gosh is this A good feeling. Far too many
people fail to compliment others and this is a trick not to be missed.
Red is my ultimate favourite lip colour. It dresses up a basic face of makeup
magnificently with next to no effort required. A statement in its own right its a
timeless classic adding elegance with ease and clarity.
Admittedly, wearing red doesn’t make you fade into the background. Quite the
opposite. People will look at you. It’s going to happen. This doesn’t mean your
looking for attention, neither does it mean you must look awful or why else is the
world and their mother staring at you? Simply put – you look beautiful. Seriously.
The first time you splash on that red you may feel people are laughing at you for
being a silly girl putting paint all over your face but I guarantee you they are not.
Self-confidence is all you need, and it may not come easily to some but I promise
you, I am yet to find a lady who wears a red lip that doesn’t pull it off…

It was made famous and in fact deemed sexy in the good old 1950s. Beauty
icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor
stole the show and captivated women with their rouge lips. The world bought in
and as they say, the rest is history.
Don’t be scared to try it. Definitely don’t think it wont look good. Take a trip to a
beauty counter and get them to try out some shades so you have the comfort of
a second opinion if you feel unsure. A good red not only looks good but it looks
unique. Not a single woman wears red the same way so rest assured you will
always have a style fresh and exclusive to you.
Wear your confidence ladies!