A female led positivity talk from 5 speakers on wellness, body confidence and embracing who we are. £2 each ticket to Refuge charity.

Friday 26th March

19:30 – 21:30 GMT

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I’ve created this event and reached out to 4 incredible ladies to bring their passion to helping us move forward in our lives and stop self sabotaging our own happiness.

I’m so aware that as lockdown restrictions near the end (so far so good) that many of us will suffer with re-lived traumatic experiences that will stop us living our truthful lives. Mum guilt will hold so many of us back because we’ve been so involved with our children for the past year in isolation. Not to mention changing body shapes, worrying about what we look like and not having aything to wear or fit in that looks good. Disliking ourselves so much we are just unable to just live our genuine lives as we actually want to. Happliy.

My 5 guest speakers are all understanding of ‘getting out of your own way.’ Their short but powerful talks will be uplifting, full of momentum and will give you the ways to live freely without your own mind holding you prisoner. It’s a feel good experience.

Our speakers in Running order:

7.30pm – Intro & Welcome with Michelle

7.40pm – Liz . The Mummy Editorial

8pm – Sophie . Trauma & wellness

8.20pm – Janine. Own your style

8.40pm – Ria. Life Coach/creating your life

9pm – Michelle. Body Confidence.

9.20pm – Questions.

Liz Alexander – The Mummy Editorial @Themummyeditorial

She’s bringing us a focussed talk on why it’s so important, and importantly, OK, to have your own identity as you and not just “mummy.” To step away without guilt, without the heavy weight of motherhood and embrace US. We need that.

As mummy’s we tend to suffer mum guilt CONSTANTLY. If we’re working and not spending time with them. If we’re in a bad mood and snap or shout unintentionally. If we’re so tired we just want our own space but feel terrible for even thinking that. And on it goes.

It’s going to be a great talk for anybody with guilt hanging over them about anything. You can replace the “mummy” with ‘work’ or with ‘partners.’

Sophie Hurley wellness -trauma & Wellness through the body and mind. @sophiehurley.wellness

Fully qualified in trauma and wellness, Sophie works on releasing these feelings and tensions that are stuck within us through bodywork. It’s becoming aware of our own traumas as she talks us through how we do this to become wholesome.

It’s absolutely blinding to have something affect us so badly and stop us moving forward for fear, memories or however we deal with it individually.

It’s going to be a great talk for anybody who needs to know and hear that life can still be lived, we are OK right now and there are techniques to heal us positively.

Janine Coney -Own Your Style @Ownyourstyleuk

Janine is a personal stylist and body confidence advocate. Janine’s bringing us a focussed talk on why the clothes you choose to wear and style yourself with have such a BIG connection with confidence. Inner confidence and owning your style go hand in hand and she’s going to talk us through why it’s so important to get it right for yourself. Nobody else. You.

It’s going to be a great talk for anybody with guilt about “slimming” back into old clothes. If you’re worried about colours making you look bigger/shapeless/etc. If you feel bad buying new clothes because what do you even buy to make you look AND feel good.


Ria Richardson life coaching. @Ria_Richardson1111

As a fully qualified life coach, Ria will be talking us through our mindset on how to create the life we want and importantly how to get past the mental blocks that stop us. How we can change our outlook to create positive change and bring into our lives what we truly want.

It’s going to be a great talk for anybody who is scared of change. Worried about outcomes and ‘what ifs’ to the point you say ‘no’ because it’s safe. Who doesn’t think they can but really wants to.


Michelle Wright – Raindrops & Ribbons @Raindrops_Ribbons_Vintage

I want to show up and speak up about body confidence, positivity and my personal issues with body dysmorphia. I’ll be speaking about a past experience that stopped me living my life fully and why this absolutely shouldn’t be stopping anybody because of their distorted view of their own body image. To understand our body image views are our own and we can, however difficult, overpower them.

It’s going to be a great talk for anybody who puts pressure on themselves to be an ideal image of perfection, worries about being judged by others for being undesirable and says no to opportunities because the fear of looking “too big/fat/thin/flat chested” takes over.



This is a wellness and positivity event but certain topics around trauma, body image, motherhood and more will arise. Please be aware of this and if you need to leave the event at anytime you can just click ‘Leave meeting.’

We don’t want to upset anybody but with the nature of the event and it’s topics this may cause upset to some individuals.