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Back in the days when dating was all about getting dressed up in your high heels and getting ready to dance the night away, couples really paid attention to each other. No mobile phones, they walked their ladies home and wrote love letters. Cast yourself back to the days where you could feel the magic of just being in the moment and try these original date ideas…

A PICNIC FOR TWO (Weather permitting)

Go back to the times before mobile phones when a man and woman used to have to talk to each other. Imagine that? Something rather marvellous happens when we engage with another person, make eye contact and share stories. It can fuel passion and romance and what better way to do it than over a few sandwiches, a flask of tea whilst on top of a pretty blanket by a lake or in a meadow.


Going to the movies has been a classic date night idea for decades. I’d go as far as saying since the first cinema popped up. What could be more intimate than cozying up to watch a scary film, sharing a bag of popcorn as your hands lightly touch and sipping from the big sharing cup of fizzy with two straws – one for him and one for her. Even for the shyest of the daters this is a fail safe option as you have the film to talk about after meaning no awkward silences.


As T-rex said in the 80s “We love to boogie” and I don’t know anybody that doesn’t enjoy flapping and twirling around a dance floor. Nowadays it’s more nightclubs than dances and I wouldn’t recommend bringing a date to the local hang out, getting stuck to the sticky carpets and drinking 3 shots for £10. Think outside the box and look for local dancing lessons, samba nights or themed dance nights that you can both laugh about, learn some moves and have an excuse to hold hands.


We can’t go back in time but we can re-visit some of the best eras of fashion, motorsport and culture. Grab some tickets and head over to watch the classic minis race each other and spectate wrapped up snug and warm sharing a bag of chips wrapped in newspaper. Shop to your hearts content and have fun looking at all the fashions that graced the decades. Travel back in time and memories together even if they are only for the day.


Think Grease lightening. Think fairground rides, hot chocolates and tearing candy floss from the stick as you link arms and stare wide eyed at all the pretty lights surrounding the pair of you. Flirting over a game of hook the duck to screaming your heart out on that colossal roller coaster, the fun and excitement of dating just does not get any better than this.


Remember all the movies you watched and the stories you heard about the first date your grandad took your granny on? It really is a super original date idea and for many reasons.

You not only get the chance to tip-toe delicately and look ever so pretty as you throw the bowling ball into a perfect strike but you can sip milkshakes and eat french fries in-between each go. Break the ice and show each other your light-hearted fun self.


Eagerly inserting your £5 note into the machine to get a waterfall of pennies and twenty pence pieces to excitedly throw away into a jungle of false promises, a date at an arcade is an evening to enjoy. Two pence machines are king of the arcades and provide endless entertainment and suspense. When that novelty has worn off head to the air hockey tables and heat up a little flirty competition. Want to win a teddy? How best to finish the night heading off home with a goodnight kiss and the fluffy bundle your date just won you.


You may be the queen of the rink or the damsel in distress but either way ice skating is the perfect way to glide around in circles, holding onto each other and making light hearted conversation. Make a fool of yourselves with each little fall. It’s ever so endearing seeing somebody who can laugh when they tumble and not take themselves too seriously. Watch the twinkle in each others eyes, it’s just the magic that ice skating creates…


Yes, a walk. A beautiful canal side, blossoming woodlands, the beach -you name it. Walking with your date allows you to have comfortable silences, sync with each others pace and really get to know each other without the pressure of spectators. Winter wonderland walks with the ice glistening on the grass, snowy rivers and muddy pathways. What about a beautiful summers day with the sand between your toes, ice-creams in hand and flowers surrounding you. It may seem simple but it brings two people together and it truly is only the two of you in that moment.


To wine and dine. The perfect way to show your etiquette, manners and the lighting is nearly always flattering in restaurants these days. You can really find out a lot about your date; What they enjoy eating, their day job, what they do in their spare time. It’s an invitation to ask, within reason of course, anything you wish to know. People love food and what better way to spend a few hours getting to know somebody than over a glass of wine, candle light and a tasty meal. You are pretty much sure to leave knowing if you want a second date or if you should stay at home in your onesie reading “Little Women”.

Give them a go and let me know how you get on. No mobile phones, no distractions just simply two people who felt the sparks fly.