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girl in a dress

One 2 One dress swaps with Michelle

Due to Covid 19, I can't deliver my in person dress swap event. So, the next best thing is ZOOM!
If you want to still swap a dress on an individual basis, choose your day and time that best suits you.

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Raindrops Blog

10 Original Ideas For Dates

Back in the days when dating was all about getting dressed up in your highheels and getting ready to dance the night away, couples really paid attentionto each other. No mobile phones, they walked their ladies home and wrotelove letters. Cast yourself back to the days where you could feel the magic ofjust being in […]

The Classic Red Lip

When it comes to choosing a lipstick you are reflecting your mood, embracingyour personality and owning your style. I own over 20 lipsticks ranging fromvivacious pinks to naked nudes. Waking up to the day with bad skin, bags undermy eyes and feeling like I’ve been hit over the head with my nan’s rolling pin Iwouldn’t […]

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